Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships

Men, Women + Power with Roy Wang

May 10, 2023 Leigh-Anne LoPinto and Roy Wang Season 1 Episode 28
Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships
Men, Women + Power with Roy Wang
Show Notes

On this episode, Roy Wang and I speak about the theme of men, women, and power.  

What is true power vs. false power, and how can the journey towards empowerment sometimes look different for men and women?

How can power be a healthy goal for all of us, a spiritual journey, and an essential part of becoming integrated men and women?

We speak about so many different expressions of power: physical strength, beauty, authenticity, knowing your true self, and women as oracles.  

Ultimately, we believe that both men and women can both claim their unique gifts of power in order to help lift each other up vs. compete with each other.

This is an essential episode to listen to in order to understand how empowerment is our birthright, how returning to traditional gender roles may not be the way, and what the path forward can look like for collaborative relationships between men + women.

Roy Wang is a coach with a mission to help men end cycles of shame, discover their inner strength, awaken to their true self, and be of service to the world.

Please reach out to Roy or myself with any comments or questions - we would love to hear your thoughts on this discussion.

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