Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships

Opening to Love - with Erin Telford

March 01, 2023 Leigh-Anne LoPinto and Erin Telford Season 1 Episode 25
Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships
Opening to Love - with Erin Telford
Show Notes

Erin Telford joins us for this sweet episode that we're SO excited to share with you. 

This overall theme of opening to love (and therefore realizing that we have agency here) provides a new and improved approach to calling in aligned partnership, and I truly believe that many of the things we speak about will be a great support to those of you who yearn for deep, highly evolved, conscious relationships.  Which, by the way, are available to us all, and are our birthright.

Episode Overview:

- We speak about how breathwork is one of the key heart openers that we know of
- Erin shares about her personal journey with love relationships and how she learned to prepare and open to love
- We reflect on self love and self worth as the foundation for incredible relationships
- Getting into the energetics of how to open and be available
- If your partner showed up at your door, would you be ready?
- We touch on body image and healing our relationship with our physical form so we can show up in the bedroom ready for deep intimacy and connection
- Why being in our 40's is literally the best thing ever
- How dating apps aren’t required when you are energetically open - SUCH a good part in this day and age where people don't see an alternative

Erin is an incredible breathwork teacher, and as I describe her, "the healer of our time."  She also provides conscious business mentoring to individuals, having  built an incredible platform of her own for her work.

I highly recommend Erin's breathwork groups, which she leads regularly, as well as all of her courses (she has great ones for conscious entrepreneurs), AND of course any chance to work with her 1:1 is life changing.

Connect with Erin below:

Connect with me (Leigh-Anne) below - I'm a holistic psychologist specializing in love, sex and relationships, using a combination of therapy + breathwork with clients, couples, and groups.

And lastly, here's the link to David Elliott's Romantic Love breathwork meditation.  He also has a ton more on Spotify if you search his name.  SO good!

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