Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships

Masculine Vitality with Michael Holt

January 31, 2023 Leigh-Anne LoPinto and Michael Holt Season 1 Episode 24
Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships
Masculine Vitality with Michael Holt
Show Notes

It was such a pleasure to have Michael on the podcast, and this is another one of those episodes that is good for both men + women to listen to.  We speak about what men need most in order to live lives full of vitality and good health, and why this is needed more than ever.

Episode Overview:

- Michael's personal story of suffering that led to him taking ownership of his life, leading to total transformation
- The importance of meditation on his healing journey
- His philosophy of Savage and Saint - the integrated man
- What masculine vitality looks like + how to get there
- Michael shares about his upcoming program for men about this topic!
- Why it's important (for men in particular) to be ungovernable
- The profound shift that martial arts has had in both of our lives
- What men need the most support with, and how women can best help
- What mothers can do to raise their boys into great men (especially as they enter the teen years)
- How men and women can work together to create a better reality

Michael is a Holistic Health Expert, Masculine Vitality Specialist, and founder of the internationally renowned Savage and Saint Consultancy.  He serves elite performers in the cultivation of vitality, depth of consciousness, and performance excellence.

His extensive background in meditation, martial arts, western psychology, core shamanism, holistic health, and exercise science combine to form a unique mind-body pedagogy that is trusted by top tier executives, founders, athletes, artists, and entertainers worldwide.

He resides in Venice, California, where he devotes his time outside of his private practice and consulting endeavors to wellness study, martial arts and fitness training, writing, and meditation.

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