Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships

How to Reignite Intimacy in Relationships - with Max Trombly

December 17, 2022 Leigh-Anne LoPinto and Max Trombly Season 1 Episode 23
Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships
How to Reignite Intimacy in Relationships - with Max Trombly
Show Notes

In this episode, Max Trombly and I had a powerful conversation about how to reignite the spark in relationships after intimacy has waned.  This is a really useful episode for couples to listen to together, but is also helpful if you're currently single and want to set yourself up for success in your next relationship.

Keeping the intimacy alive is 100% possible - it's really about understanding how to create the dynamic with your partner, and Max and I give several tools for you to do so.  

We would love to hear which ideas we talk about today really land for you.  Let Max and I know if you have any questions about what we shared today, we are here to support you.

In this episode, we speak about:
- Communication techniques to keep the air clear so both partners can relax and open into deeper intimacy and connection in the bedroom
- The huge impact that working with a couples therapist or coach can have to support these sensitive, vulnerable conversations
- The importance of developing emotional competency in relationships and how this ties into having an incredible sex life
- Why semen retention for men gives you a HUGE advantage
- Why understanding your woman's monthly cycle is key for men
- How changing your perception of sex from just a physical exchange to something much more profound and sacred can change the whole game
- The impact that keeping intimacy and connection a priority while having kids can make on a happy, fulfilling relationship

Stay in touch with us if you enjoyed this conversation, we'll be launching our next group program for men + women in February 2023 that will cover all of these topics and much, much more.

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