Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships

Command Your Power with Quentin Hick

November 21, 2022 Leigh-Anne LoPinto and Quentin Hick Season 1 Episode 20
Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships
Command Your Power with Quentin Hick
Show Notes

In this episode, Quentin Hick is back on the podcast to talk about his path of empowerment through men's work, emotional regulation, abstinence, and inner union.  While he speaks through the lens of his path as a man, this episode has many principles that can apply to both men + women.

(To listen to our first conversation from Episode 15 about Masculine/Feminine polarity, click here.)

Episode outline:

- Q shares about men's work and how it's empowered him to be a better man
- We speak about the Seven Pillars of Existence
- Q shares about his choice of abstinence post-breakup and why
- We speak about how to master sexual energy and the benefits it has for us all
- We talk about the power of breathwork to transform your life, especially for emotional processing and activating intuition
- Q talks about healing his inner feminine as a man and we get into inner union, or as Jung calls it, anima/animus integration)
- We speak a lot about the payoffs from this work and how stepping into your power and taking ownership of your life is essential.

Book Recommendations:
Conscious Loving - Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks
From the Core - John Wineland
Masculine + Feminine Polarity Work - Elliott Saxby

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About Me:
My name is Leigh-Anne, and I'm a holistic psychologist specializing in love, sex, and relationships.  I'm particularly passionate about conscious relationships and spiritual partnership through divine union, which includes masculine/feminine polarity.  I'm an advocate of both women's work and men's work happening side by side to heal the relationship between men + women.

My one-on-one work with clients includes a powerful combination of breathwork + therapy to break through blocks and patterns and get right into the heart of the matter.  Connect with me below to learn more about the work that I do.