Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships

Real World Couples with Perri + Kellen Chase

August 18, 2022 Leigh-Anne LoPinto, Perri Chase, Kellen Chase Season 1 Episode 18
Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships
Real World Couples with Perri + Kellen Chase
Show Notes

I was so honored to talk with Kellen + Perri Chase, who openly share about their beautiful relationship - the story of how they met, how they handle conflict, keeping each other a priority during parenting, and so much more.

The video is incredible to watch and I highly suggest that you do - they have such a powerful dynamic between them.  Here's the link to the video:

Perri Chase is an incredible spiritual teacher for thousands of people, sharing her knowledge and embodied wisdom around working with energetic mastery of the feminine + masculine in business and life.  Kellen is a shaman and tantric practitioner, and the support system holding it all together in the background.  Kellen works with men in Perri's community as a brilliant Holder, and guides men into depths few men can.

These two together are such a joy to witness, and their love and adoration for each other is so strong.  They are incredible models of conscious relationships, and I was so grateful to have them on.

Note:  I confused them at the beginning when I said I was excited to talk about how they practice masculine/feminine polarity - I should be more clear when using that phrase, I'm not talking about the popular way it's being taught, but rather the true meaning of that phrase which is the union of the masculine + feminine, specifically inner union and how that is facilitated in partnership through outer union.  

Perri actually speaks beautifully about this when she introduces herself and the work that she does, and this was a big reason I was drawn to her, because I could see clearly that she works with both the feminine + masculine in this way.  I'll record an episode soon where I clarify what I mean about 'true' polarity - which is inner alchemical union, or the balance of masculine/feminine within, not what popular teachers are talking about.

Other areas we touched upon:

- What their relationship and attraction look like

- Kellen's story of how his body was pulled to Perri despite having a different 'type' in the past

- The whole purpose of relationships - mirroring in order to help heal each others' wounds

- When people act out of desperation in unnatural ways in order to cling to relationships that may have reached completion

- How Perri decided to stop acting like a chameleon to please partners and just be truly herself, take it or leave it

- Kellen's tips for men on how to avoid taking on your partner's mood and turning into the rescuer

- The ego death process that happens in conscious relationships

- The misconception in the masculine/feminine polarity spaces that 'the male leads' - nobody's ego should be leading a relationship

- Inner union as the most important aspect of the spiritual path of divine union

- Parenting and how Kellen + Perri play untraditional roles that work perfectly for them

- How Kellen really stepped up to the plate as a model father

- How they do conflict

- Final words of wisdom/advice for men, women + couples and how you can work with them

Here's a link to Perri + Kellen's awesome IG video on masculine/feminine polarity:

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