Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships

Back to the Basics

June 15, 2022 Leigh-Anne LoPinto Season 1 Episode 16
Love, Evolved: Conscious Relationships
Back to the Basics
Show Notes

In this solo episode, I talk about returning back to the basics with tending to core wounds of childhood trauma, attachment styles, and moving towards secure attachment.  

I also speak about Internal Family Systems (IFS), a newer type of therapy that I use + am really excited about with regards to working with trauma, and updates on my use of therapy + breathwork for accelerated healing,

I also cover:
- moving from victim mentality into empowerment.
- the pros and cons of psychological labels.
- parenting styles.
- how the middle way seems to be the answer to everything.
- updates on the war on love, sex + relationships.
- my new vantage point on trauma cycles.

Please reach out to me with any comments or questions, I love hearing from you.

About Me:

My name is Leigh-Anne LoPinto, and I'm a holistic psychologist specializing in love and relationships.  I'm particularly passionate about spiritual partnership through divine union, which includes masculine/feminine polarity.  I'm an advocate of both women's work and men's work happening side by side to heal the relationship between men + women.

My one-on-one work with clients includes a powerful combination of breathwork + therapy to break through blocks and patterns and get right into the heart of the matter.

Connect with me below to schedule a call if you're interested in working together.